CLA USA Advisory Group is dedicated to the principle of controlling risk. We firmly believe that avoiding major losses is the secret to having more money. Whether you are in the building wealth stage, or simply trying to preserve your wealth; our prudent, and analytical investment management solutions will help you reach your financial goals.

Academic studies have shown than over 90% of the performance of an investment portfolio is based on asset allocation rather than security selection. We begin our investment review by determining the appropriate asset allocation for each of our clients. We then track our client portfolios to ensure that they stay within their asset allocation guidelines, making appropriate adjustments as needed.

Our investment approach is process driven. We believe that optimal, steady investment performance is determined by; asset allocation, diversification, risk management, Manager Selection and portfolio management.

We created a spectrum of broadly diversified portfolios for our clients. Within these portfolios you can choose from Separately Managed portfolios, Exchange Traded Fund portfolios or Mutual Fund portfolios. These portfolios span multiple asset classes. The portfolio options span the following six options:

  • Capital Appreciation
  • Growth
  • Conservative Growth
  • Balanced
  • Dividend Income
  • Conservative Bond